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I won't be logging into here for a  while, but you can text me. In an effort to reduce electricity consumption, I'll temporarily move to Atobe's nicely elevated spot with most of Hyotei. Less people will wonder where I am that way.

Speaking of which... Atobe, mind if I take Mercury and Saturn along?

Mar. 11th, 2011

Nature certainly is the world's strongest force. There are just... no words.

It's been more than a whole day and I still can't shake this weird feeling that we're just in some movie... with no real hero.
....looks like that's that....

Life is something pretty amazing right now. Tomorrow might be something even more amazing, if that is possible.

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The last two weeks were for the better part spent in Hawaii, which was quite nice, relaxing and... I'll admit it, fun (even when Chinen-senpai's teasing reached beyond its past limits) Coming home was a whole experience in itself too, what with Mercury and Saturn sticking to me like flypaper the whole day.
My hair has been hanging in my eyes a lot, and it's getting pretty annoying. I should probably deal with it sometime soon. So far it's not like I need my whole field of vision unobstructed.

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Almost forgot.. Chinen-senpai? I'll let karma take care of biting this guy's ass. As much fun as it would be to do it myself, it seems things may follow their natural course and he will get what will be coming to him.
Off to the beach today.

Itsuki-san, I'll be over in Chiba. Maybe we'll come upon each other at the beach? I think I'll try my hand at cooking some of those clams this time.
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Jul. 29th, 2010

... .. cannot have coherent thoughts and Saturn is bouncing all over the place... he wants attention but I think I'll only be able to give him frozen grapes.

Tea. sleep. good night and see you all tomorrow.

(ooc: Hiyo will show off at school tomorrow with a nice hickey over his adam's apple, which he will masterfully try to hide and most likely fail. Of course people can tease the hell out of him)
Hm. Early to the futon tonight... Did all I needed to do today. More dojo tomorrow will be good.

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