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Seeing Chiba again was good, and even better with the company. It was a very nice experience, even though sometimes annoying. I guess she does like to be sociable and helpful, and I really have to admit I'm not sure how Krauser-san would fare without her semi-constant guidance... or at least semi-constant was what it seemed to me.
This whole french kissing buisness isn't all that bad, but apparently it's supposed to be done faster. I'm not sure I understand why it can't be at a slow-pace, but she seems to know more than I do, so I'll try and pick up the pace a bit next time. It was easier than I thought to get used to this strange squishy feeling. Tongue-battling is a strange idea, but it works, and she did sound like she liked it a lot.
Part of me wish I could have spent more time there, but it was not possible.

Wakato had no trouble at all kitty-sitting, and if I judge by the tornado that went through my fridge and cupboards, seems when I tell him to make himself at home and use anything he likes, he'll do it without a second thought. He says he gave a gummi to Saturn and he went completely crazy for them. Somehow, I'm not surprised since he goes head over heels for anything new, and considering I never really had any of these types of snacks, it was something quite amazing for him. He said he saw Mercury dance on his own on my practice mat in the morning... Seems he adopted my morning routine even if I am not there.

I want to say I am confident for Kyoto's competition, but I am not certain I have time to up my form and skills. Add to it the trip and possible timezones screwing me up, hmmm...
The easiest would be to train daily if I can even while in Hawaii, and nap a few hours to try and keep my internal clock as much into standard time as I can.

Almost forgot.. Chinen-senpai? I'll let karma take care of biting this guy's ass. As much fun as it would be to do it myself, it seems things may follow their natural course and he will get what will be coming to him.


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