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Jul. 25th, 2010

I can't remember the last time I was at an amusement park... or at least a time I was there to do what people normally do there. I think I made one standkeeper's day, or at least he sure looked like I did. It was a nice day and it seemed like it was somewhat longer.

Last week before vacation tomorrow. Time for some planning.

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Jul. 24th, 2010

...today, I think I'll just laze about on my futon... so sore... Sadly, I think Mercury and Saturn have other plans for me.

Oh, and I hope no one needs me tomorrow, because the whole day is booked.
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To An.Collapse )


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(OOC info: Today at practice, An crashed into the courts to talk to him about yesterday's journal comments exchange which she felt bad about, and there was a smooch, and the 200 or so members probably saw, minus the slackers that weren't there cause Hyotei is out..This interruption earned him Atobe's absolute wrath, and many laps were ran, until no running was possible. After which there was crawling most likely...)
Yesterday was nice. Very relaxing too, after the quite busy time at the shelter. I am still somewhat uneasy about the failed experiment though... Some people probably just.... go and do that even earlier, but...

I decided I will focus on my kobujutsu now, while keeping up the normal tennis training schedule. I started to plan out the next two years, slowly but surely. There is one condition I have to fulfill for this to be doable, however. Now I can only hope my time away from martial arts competitions hasn't made me rusty or anything, because it might soon be time to see for myself just what I am worth out there.

I also had great news in my e-mails. Third one, and picture under cut.Collapse )
Today was made of win and awesome.

That is all!

(OOC I believe after tennis practice, Hyotei's tennis club were treated to Chinen and hiyoshi trying to play tennis with respectively nunchakus and a bo. No matter the result, it was probably fun as hell.)
Concerning this weekend, a rollercoaster pales in comparison...

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..and again... there are no words...

We all did all we could...

Jul. 18th, 2010

I have had little sleep yesterday. I thought I would pass out as soon as I'd hit the futon, but it seems the high stuck with me, and after it wore I kept anticipating today's match. Before I knew it, the sun was almost rising, so I thought I might as well get up. My body seems fine from the morning run and my usual kata routine, so it's good. I did feel somewhat sluggish before heading out at first, but everything was fine. I had to make myself miso soup twice... Saturn knocked the cinnamon over while I was making my first one. Ugh. I wouldn't even dare taste that.

Yesterday was good.. Here's to today.
Seventh heaven? Cloud nine? I'm not even sure where my mind is at right now. This is a feeling I am unable to describe accurately, but I know it will stay with me for a long time. It might have ended with a defaulted win, but it still is a win. Had I not lasted that long, this decisive victory would not have been a  reality.

I cannot coherently write my thoughts right now. There's so much going on... but all of it is incredibly good.
Right. Today is the day.

It's gekokujou!


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